Welcome to Cub Scouts

I have 3 boys in Cub Scouts this year. Well, Simon has been participating with his big brothers in cub scouts for a few years but this year he is officially a Cub Scout and he is so excited. He is a Lion cub, the group designated for kindergartners and Joe is his den leader. Simon asks almost every day if tonight he has Cub Scouts.

Cub Scouts has been such a huge blessing to our family. Being a part of a pack has given not only our kids new friends but also new friends for  Joe and I. I really love that the Boys Scouts of America has extended the program to girls because scouting really is a whole family activity. There were already so many families with girls that were participating and many of our leaders are moms, it just makes logical sense.

Scouting is a great way to make friends, my husband met his best friend when they were together in Boy Scouts, but it’s also teaches kids so many great life skills and principles. My boys have adventurous, inquisitive and excited to experience new things, Cub Scouts offers a safe and reliable place for them to grow.


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