Update on Home Birth Insurance

So yesterday after talking with the nice rep who said she would resubmit our home birth insurance claim a few hours later Joe got a call from her. He was in a meeting so she left him a voice-mail that said our Midwife wasn’t certified. So I called her back and said that yes, our midwife was in fact certified. The rep said that Joe’s company will pay for CNM, Certified Nurse Midwives. Our Midwife is a CPM, Certified Professional Midwife. I told the rep and she said she would talk with her supervisor and explain that our midwife was certified. 
So now it looks like we may have to talk with the HR people at Joe’s work, who specifically told Joe that yes, Midwifery care was covered under our new insurance. It was never specified that only a certain certification was accepted. 
I guess the thing that frustrates me the most is that we did our homework, we asked both parties (HR and Insurance) before Noah was born if we could file a claim and they both said YES! Now, we are getting the run around and jumping through a million hoops to probably be denied.
Alas, I will continued to keep a positive attitude, pursue the reimbursement and be nice to everyone. (That last part is going to be the hardest)

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