Ways to Induce Labor: 3 HOTS

Baby 2 was due last week. Today the midwife said things look great and it could happen any day now…. or it could be another week. You know since due dates are pretty much guesses anyway. So until then we are going to employ the 3 HOT ways to induce labor rules that my midwife shared with me.

1. HOT Bath
Not only is it nice to take a hot bath, it reduces swelling and helps you relax.

2. HOT Foods (spicy)
I’ve heard many people say that spicy foods induce labor. I can handle spicy foods OK but I may have to bite the bullet and just get something crazy hot to help get this boy out.

3. HOT Sex
Like a true home birth dad Joe has offered on many occasions to help me soften my cervix. hehe

So now that everyone knows my plans for the evening. I will be taking suggestions on some yummy but spicy food options.

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