Welcome to 30


Yesterday was my 30th birthday. And I had some great things planned to do but that all got thrown out the window when Mr. Jude caught a stomach virus. He slept in until 10am which I thought was a wonderful birthday gift until I found him in a crib full of vomit.

I had planned on doing a bit of shopping, maybe lunch out with Joe and then dinner with my parents. But my day turned into a lot of cleaning and eating pizza on the couch by myself for dinner. Ironically, I don’t feel bitter or sad about how the day turned out. I did get a lot of great cuddles from a sicky Jude, Joe brought home a delicious lunch and because of multiple naps I had a bit more me time than usual.

I did get to open my presents from Joe and Jude and I absolutely love them. I got two books, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I’m sure Joe used a coupon for each of the books which also makes me very happy. Then I got a beautiful Ring from Thailand and a Wrap-Around Dress from Bali. Both the ring and dress didn’t cost anything because I had received a gift certificate to use for a Product Review on The B Keeps Us Honest. I love that I received some nice and thoughtful gifts that didn’t cost a lot of money, I think that makes it even better.

Joe and I are supposed to go on a date tonight but Jude is still a little under the weather so we’ll see how it goes.


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