Kraft Veggie Mac & Cheese Review

We eat Macaroni and Cheese at least once a week for lunch. It’s quick and easy and just what I need to stay sane with 2 littles. I try to add a side dish of veggies to our meal but more often than not the veggies get pushed aside for a second helping of Mac and Cheese. It seems that Kraft has been watching my family’s eating habits and has developed a solution for our lack of vegetable consumption by creating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Veggie Dinner Pasta.

The New Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Veggie Dinner Past is available now at your local Target or Walmart, your family will get a half serving of cauliflower per cup of product while still taking pleasure in the creamy, cheesy flavor of the original blue box dinner. The cauliflower is baked right into the macaroni, so your kids won’t fuss over eating their veggies and instead will smile!

As soon as I started to cook the pasta I could smell the difference. It smells like cauliflower! I was a little concern that it would be a weird texture or have an odd flavor but it still has a normal pasta feel and taste. Jude didn’t even bat an eye when I sat it down in front of him. In no time flat he was asking for a second helping. I think we have have winner!

Now when I need a quick and easy meal I feel a little better knowing that there are some veggies making their way into my family’s diet, even if they are hidden.

I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.

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