I missed last Friday because we were on Vacation so a few of these images are from last week.
All packed and ready to hit the road to Charleston, SC.
 Watercolor Painting Project.

Joe and Jude sharing an ice cream at Chick-Fil-A during our weekly lunch date with daddy.

 Jude took a nap after spending the morning at the beach. He NEVER naps.

 My new iphone case from iskin, I LOVE GREEN.

 Building Castles in the Sand with Daddy.

 Just hanging out with Great Grandma.

Building his Ice Cream Sundae with the Ice Cream Robot at the Charleston Creamery in Mt. Pleasant.

 Charleston Sunset. We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends.

 Nighttime cuddles with my favorite 2 month old.

 A freshly made cherry lemonade from the NC Farmers Market.

The most amazing chocolate cake from the Lettered Olive at Wild Dunes.
While in Charleston the AC on our van broke. They wanted A LOT of money to fix it. So we drove back to Raleigh with NO AC. Our mechanic friend is currently fixing it for 1/2 the price and doing so in our driveway!

That was our week. What did you do?

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