A Place Where Things Pile Up: Capture the Everyday

I don’t really like clutter or mess but I’m married to a self professed pack-rat so I have to tolerate some level of it. (granted over the 4 years of our marriage he has improved dramatically.) Nonetheless the clutter is still there and there are a few prime places in our home that just can’t seem to be tamed.

I’m giving myself a bit of grace since I have a 4 week old baby. (There are quite a few cluttered spots in our home right now, these are just the most extreme.)
First is that section of counter in the kitchen that is supposed to be Joe’s Coffee area but it’s just turned into the drop zone. I try to clean it off but in less than 24 hours it usually looks the way it did before I cleaned.

Second is Joe’s Desk. Granted this is more of a work station and meant to be used but there often isn’t enough space to do any actual work. I’m not really sure what lives here but usually I try to at least clean up dishes and food items.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

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