God Told Me To Break Up With You

I’ve been fortunate enough to have only a handful of relationship before I met and married Joe. I think because I’ve been around enough people in crazy relationships I’ve always been a little cautious before jumping head first into them. Growing up in a Christian family with Christian friends I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard young people use the excuse, “God told me to break up with you.” While I’m pretty sure it’s not totally a lie, it probably should be clarified that maybe God told them to not date the person in the first place. I mean when you’re 13 years old most people don’t find their true love, the person they are going to marry. (Although many 13 year olds believe they have found, “the one”) Sometimes I feel bad that God gets blamed for so much stupidity on the part of selfish people.

On Childrens Hospital, Dr. Owen Maestro’s ex- girlfriend/co-worker lied by telling him she had a tumor just to break up with him. What is the craziest break-up excuse you’ve heard?

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