Ultrasound Results are In…

44% of You were correct in your predictions. We are have having another BOY!
Yesterday, was our first ever ultrasound. Ever. Neither one of us had any idea what to expect. The ultrasound doctor checked everything out, measured all the parts of the baby and told us everything looked great. At first the baby was in a position where it was difficult to tell the sex. Eventually he moved around enough for us to get a better look, and it’s most certainly a boy.

We laughed a little because we were both hoping it was a girl so we didn’t have to think of boy names anymore. We are having no luck coming up with a boy name. Figures. 

Other than the name issue we are thrilled to have another boy. It’s nice knowing this time around. I think it will help us bond with baby 2 and also help Jude understand what’s going on. 

Now to figure out a name for this little guy.

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