Hi Dada. Hi Good Morning.

Mama. It seems simple enough. Two syllables. It’s usually the first word for most babies. 
Not Jude. He prefers to call me “Good Morning”. That’s right “Good Morning” is my name. Joe and I walk in the door and Jude proclaims “Hi Dada. Hi Good Morning.” We’ve tried teaching him that he can call me “Mama” but he just laughs. 

Honestly, I think this kid has a hilarious sense of humor. He knows he’s being silly but he keeps the joke going. I mean it’s been months since he started calling me Good Morning and he keeps it going with a straight face. 

I love this kid. He can call me “Good Morning” until he’s in college… actually, that might be kind of weird.

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  1. The world always needs good comics to keep things light and lift our spirits. It's great he already has some of that in his soul. Happy people live longer.

  2. How sweet!! I wonder if it's because that's the first thing you said to him each morning. You have to get this on video for him to see later!

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