A Fun Way to Get Rid of the Pacifier

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On Saturday we took our annual trip to the mall. Seriously, I don’t like going to the mall but it was way overdue. Simon, who is 3, was still using a pacifier. None of the other boys kept theirs this long but I honestly just got lazy about it. The dentist finally told me it was time to cut the habit so we finally bit the bullet.

When Noah gave up his pacifier we took him to Build-a-Bear and he put the paci inside the bear. So he would still “have” it with him at night. So we tried to do the same thing with Simon, except he knows there are other pacifiers in the world. So we had to throw away all the pacifiers in the house. He happily built his doggie but then when bedtime rolled around he asked for his “milkies” and we reminded him that it was inside his new doggie. He tried to open the dog back up where they had sewn him shut and then realized it was officially over… then the tears began to fall. It was terribly sweet and sad to watch but the milkies had to go.

I finally got him to calm down and agree to go to bed by making his doggie talk to him. He really likes making toys talk to each other so once we started a dialogue with the stuffed animals the problem was solved.

He really loves his new dog which he named “Simon Doggie”.

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