Bryton Pick Review

Don’t you hate it when you’re out and you get something stuck between your teeth? I never think to carry floss with me and sometimes a toothpick just isn’t going to work. Well I recently had the opportunity to try out a new product called the Bryton Pick.
About Bryton Pick
The BrytonPick makes cleaning between teeth easy, fast and discreet. It was designed, developed and tested by dental professionals. It’s a solution for on-the-go or alternative for those that are unable to floss Bryton Picks are made of flexible stainless steel and plastic holder and the lunt cleaning edges are thin as the finest floss (0.0019″) Plus, it is re-usable up to 30 days (germ-resistand stainless steel).
My thoughts
I like the idea of the Bryton Pick. A small discreet pick that is quick and easy to use. Both my husband and I tried the pick and while it did work well at cleaning between out teeth it did feel a little weird. The stainless steel blade cut my lip the first time I used it, which I’m not sure if I used it correctly. While I don’t think I will be using the Bryon Pick on a regular basis I do think some people will find it very useful and handy.

Buy It: You can buy the Bryton Pick online or at various retailers across the US.

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