A New New Old Bed

It all happened so fast. One day he was a tiny little baby sleeping soundly in his crib and now he’s in a big boy bed. One day he learned to climb out of his crib and everything we knew about getting Jude to sleep was thrown out the window. Bed time and naps became a challenge and also a bit dangerous. After a bit of denial we finally decided it was time to make the big move… to a big boy bed.
We already had a full size bed in Jude’s room and thought it would be simple to just let him sleep there. We took the mattress off the frame and put it directly on the floor to prevent falls. But after a week of endless battles we knew we needed to switch it up big time. We tried everything – removed all toys from the room, removed the crib, maintained our regular bedtime routine, KEPT putting him back every time he got up. I just think it came down to the fact that he never thought of that HUGE bed as HIS bed. So yesterday we did a lot of moving stuff around and I think we may have a good system.

We traded out the full size bed for a twin bed that is low to the ground. (I think toddler beds are silly, unless of course I get one for free!) But this twin bed is also special. The bed belonged to my dad when he was boy. Both my brother and I used the bed when we were little and now it’s Jude’s turn. Also, the sheets for the bed were mine when I was little. Last night Jude slept great and not once did we have to tell him to get back into his NEW big boy bed.

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