SmartShield Sunscreen Review

Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean you can pack away your sunscreen. You should really protect your skin everyday, regardless of the season or weather. But you should be sure to take extra care, especially on days like today where the heat index is at an estimated 105 degrees.

I really love that SmartShield Sunscreen is oil-free. I have enough oil on my skin, I don’t need to add anything to make me look and feel more greasy. When you first apply SmartShield it feels smooth and creamy but quickly absorbs into your skin and is hardly noticeable. It really is a sunscreen you could use everyday and not even notice it was there.
About SmartShield
Founded in 1995, SmartShield is serious sunscreen that you can wear all-day, everyday. Their special oil free sunscreen formal won’t clog your pores, won’t stain your clothes and won’t sting your eyes. SmartShield is a tough sunscreen that absorbs quickly into the skin, provides all-day protection, and doesn’t interfere with your everyday activities. It is a smarter sunscreen: Non-oily, light on the skin and eco-friendly.
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The featured product was provided to me free of charge. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced by the company.

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