Zumba Fitness World Party – Great for Busy Moms

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For Mother’s Day this year I asked for some home work out gear. Since I have 3 little ones and no childcare my workout times are fairly limited. Therefore my only option is to workout at home but doing jumping jacks and push-ups get boring really quickly. I love dancing (although I’m not very good) so I was thrilled to try out the new Zumba Fitness World Party game for the Wii U.

Zumba Fitness World Party for Wii U

Zumba Fitness World Party-Burn up to 1,000 calories per hour as you immerse yourself in the movement and music of exotic global destinations from Puerto Rico to Brazil in this exhilarating at home workout complete with a new stylized HD visual presentation. Travel the world with celebrity Zumba® instructors, move to a cultural mix of dance styles across 40+ fresh songs and routines, and unlock rewards that reveal the rich heritage of each location.

I love that I can have a dance party in the privacy of my own living room while I work on my moves. No one has to see me stumbling over my own feet. Yet, I’m getting a great workout while I focus on mastering the moves. I simply strap on the game belt, insert my Wii controller into the belt and start my workout world tour.

Zumba Fitness game belt

The new World Party has over 30 new songs and realistic graphics make it easy to follow the moves. I really like that there is a practice mode so I can learn the moves before I’m thrown into the dance routine. After I set up my user profile the game keeps track of my progress and rewards me with special bonus features.

I really like workout with Zumba World Party in my living room, now if I could just keep my toddlers out from under my feet I might actually learn how to dance.

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