I never win anything :(

I hear a lot of people say this when I talk about giveaways. It’s true that winning a giveaway is a 80% luck of the draw but the other 20% is persistence. It’s pretty obvious to say that the more giveaways you enter your chances of winning drastically increase. (It’s simple math.) With blog giveaways you often have multiple entry opportunities to win one or more prizes which even further increases your chances of winning. 

Take for example, Cindy Windy who has won a countless number of blog giveaways, many from The B Keeps Us Honest. I recognize her Blogger Profile in my comments because she is consistently entering every possible option for every giveaway. That’s how she’s won so many giveaways. Check out her April loot.

I know some people don’t have the time to enter a million times into every giveaway but remember the more persistent you are the more likely you are to win.

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