Random Acts of Zhu

“Random Acts of Zhu” was established last holiday season as a way to provide toys to children in need. This year Cepia, LLC  selected several bloggers to donate 104 ZhuZhu Pets and Kung Zhu to give to the charity of their choice.
We chose to give our 104 ZhuZhu Pets to the Raleigh Rescue Mission. The Raleigh Rescue Mission is a non-profit, Christian organization that’s been providing services to the poor and homeless in  Raleigh, NC for more than 45 years. Our church, Vintage 21, does a lot of work with the Raleigh Rescue Mission so it was a pretty simple choice. I know they will give the toys to those children that are in need this holiday season and help make a few Christmas days a little brighter.
We decided to go as a family to donate our ZhuZhu Pets. I first contacted the donation coordinator for the Raleigh Rescue Mission to make sure we were properly donating the toys for Christmas. Then one Saturday morning we packed the trunk full of ZhuZhu pets and drove to the Raleigh Rescue Mission Donation Center. It was super simple to donate the toys, they brought out a large bin so we could fill it up with one trip. Jude didn’t really understand what we were doing but he happily smiled at the workers. It’s never to early to start introducing kids to giving. 

I was so excited to be able to give so many wonderful new toys to the Raleigh Rescue Mission thanks to Cepia, LLC. As a blogger it is by far one of the coolest opportunities I’ve been given. 
I was provide 104 ZhuZhu Pets and Kung Zhu by Cepia to donate to the charity of my choice. I receive no product or compensation in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by any company. 

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