Dapple Baby Safe Cleaner Review

Every week a group of my mom friends get together for a play date. We alternate locations so as not to strain one mom and to let the kids explore new places and toys. Sometimes the group can get as large as 15 moms plus baby which can get pretty crazy.
It’s a lot of fun but with that many kids there are most certainly plenty of germs floating around. That why I love Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes, I can pop them in the diaper bag and if a toy is compromised I can simply wipe if off. I love that they are safe and easy to use.
The Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes are:
  • Convenient travel size
  • Natural-based ingredients
  • Phtalate-free, paraben-free, SLES- & dye-free
  • Fragranced with pure lavender essential oil
  • Biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Certified to contain no detectable levels of dioxane
Dapple makes a great selection of natural baby products including the Toy Cleaner Spray which you can keep at home to ensure your baby’s toys are super clean.
About Dapple
Dapple is a pioneer in natural cleaners, specifically designed for households with babies. Their baby safe cleaners are low foam, green, and affordable! Dapple products are baby-safe and baby-specific -using ingredients found in nature that are also proven to tackle unique baby cleaning challenges, from dried milk on bottles to sticky fingerprints on toys.
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