Blogger of the Week: Danielle’s Meandering Thoughts

Today’s featured blogger is Danielle from Danielle’s Meandering Thoughts and DollarD.

How old is your blog or long have you been blogging? My blog is only a year old, but I was writing on myspace, livejournal and even deadjournal before that!
What made you choose the name of your blog? Well I did not have any one topic at the time I wanted to zone in on, and my friends always joke that I talk in tangents or meander so that allowed me to banter about all kinds of thoughts.
Why do you blog and what do you love about blogging? I started blogging to keep in touch with friends and family far away but now I love finding new blogs to read and meet new people and hear their stories and laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. Its like the best romantic comedy movies in blog form and I always hunt for more!
What are a few of your favorite posts on your blog?
I knew you’d ask this and this is so tough cause I am all over the place with my topics.

Are you married? If so, how long? Not yet but I am dating and living with the person who I intend to marry someday so its just a matter of time.
Do you have children? If so, how many? No, but I love reading kiddie blogs cause someday I plan on having them and I learn SO much!
What is your favorite movie? Hahaha,, my faves embarrass others. Centerstage, Drumline and White Chicks. I like talent and laughter!?
Who is your favorite actor? I’m really into Maggie Gylennhall (spelling?), pretty much the most versatile and likeable actress in a long time. I would see any movie she does, and that is saying a lot!
What is your favorite band or musician? My fave band is Rascal Flatts. Doing grad school in PA really opened my ears to country music and this band really knows how to make my heart swell, bleed or cry in the best ways.
What is your favorite food? Unequivocally pizza. I could eat it in just about any form, any dough, any sauce any cheese and I’m there!
What is your favorite candy? Hershey kisses with almonds. I could eat them by the bagful and then still want more!
What else should readers know about you? That I’m still learning and love suggestions and comments, and that I am still on the hunt for my ‘blogging family’ and am actively looking for it always. That I’m beyond stoked about going to BlogHer 2010 in NYC,, and that if I go a few days without a post its most likely due to reading everyone else’s and forgetting to write!☺ (although I’m working on that!)

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