NC Blogger: A Million Boxes #iheartnc

Today’s NC Blogger is Amy from A Million Boxes

Tell readers more about yourself: 

About me? It’s always so hard to capture yourself in words! I am a forty-something mom of 2, 13 and 10. My husband is my best friend and there is no one I would rather spend time with. My favorite place in the world is Walt Disney World and we go as often as we can. We live next door to my parents which is a little “Everybody Loves Raymond” but it works. Actually I think my parents like my husband more than me now. I volunteer in my kids’ schools and in the community. I think the world could be a better place if we worried more about what we were putting into the world vs. what we are getting out of it. And I believe you should always choose love. 

What are a few of your favorite posts on your blog?  
I think my first post on the new blog “Why a new blog?” and most recently my post from the Kodak Bus Tour I went on at Blogher. 

Where in NC are you located? 
Wilmington, NC the southeast coast of NC

How long have you lived in NC? 
I was born and raised here, moved to Atlanta for a while and lived in Mount Pleasant, SC for 5 years then moved back here.

Do you blog about NC or local events/places? 
I want to do more of this because I LOVE our state, but the two that come to mind are Why I Love North Carolina and Feeding Hungry Children.

What is your favorite local place to eat? 
Indochine It’s a wonderful Thai Vietnamese restaurant and it’s unexpected. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it’s wonderful!

Who is your favorite local attraction? 
The beach!!

What is your favorite local shop or retailer? 
A friend of mine owns a shop near the beach and it’s called The Fisherman’s Wife. It’s a high end gift type shop. They do stationery and have an extensive bridal registry. It’s just lovely and everyone is very friendly. 

What is your favorite NC vacation spot? 
The Asheville, NC area. When we go away, we are looking to get away from the beach so we head for the mountains. 

What advice would you give someone visiting your town? 
There is more to see than you would expect. You could spend all of your time on the beach, but we also have a beautiful historic downtown area to explore.

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