Blogger of the Week: Closet of Free Samples

Today’s featured blogger is Ashley from Closet of Free Samples

How old is your blog or long have you been blogging?
I’ve had this blog since November 2008
What made you choose the name of your blog?
I actually went through several different names as I worked out the look and design of my blog when I first started off. I eventually settled on Closet of Free Samples because there’s so much posted, it reminds me of my closet, full of stuff!
Why do you blog and what do you love about blogging?
I blog because it started off as something to do, just to watch how many freebies I signed up for and such. Then I got into fixing up the look of my blog and just more and more into it. Instead of something to do when I was bored, it became a hobby that I really enjoy.
What are a few of your favorite posts on your blog?
A few of my favorite posts would be the Free Online Jobs because I give the name, a bit of the site, and I let everyone know whether I have been paid or not. It’s hard to find free jobs so I find this one pretty useful, especially for stay at home moms. 
Another one of my favorite posts I actually just did, was a review on Inspired By Twilight because I am a huge Twilight fan!
Do you have children?  If so, how many?
I have 1 daughter, Sophia, who was born in January of 2008.
What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Twilight (& of course I love New Moon too!)
Who is your favorite actor?
Robert Pattinson and Leonardo Dicaprio
What is your favorite band or musician?
I have sooo many, but lately i’ve been more into Taylor Swift.
What is your favorite food?
I really don’t have a favorite, but my favorite genre would be French or Italian style food!
What is your favorite candy?
I am the ultimate candy junkie! I love all kinds of candy, but I think I’d have to choose chocolate covered honey comb that I used to find at the Candy Factory. Of course, that 
could be because I can’t get it anymore since that store closed a while back near me.
What else should readers know about you?
I enjoy gaining new readers and communicating with them. I love their comments and support. Also, if any of my readers (or anyone else) has products they’d like me to do a review/giveaway with, I am PR friendly! If there’s any questions about my blog or anyone needs help with anything, please don’t hesitate to send me an email!

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