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Let me introduce you to NC Blogger, Sue Robinson from Motherhood and Me AND Lives Less Ordinary. Sue is a fabulous blogger and very funny lady.

Tell us about yourself  
I live in North Carolina via San Francisco, California. Before I had kids I was a busy multi-tasking Pastry Chef and Bakery Manager. Life led me to NC where I am now a crazed mother of two kids under 3. Trying to make it work, adjust to my life and get through this PPD. Miss SF but love NC!
What are a few of your favorite posts on your blog? 
From Motherhood and Me:

From Lives Less Ordinary:
Where in NC are you located? Wake Forest, NC
How long have you lived in NC? Since December 2006
Do you blog about NC or local events/places? 
Sometimes when I have a chance to experience something worth writing about or local charities that I work with: Community, Kids, Friends, Food, Prizes? What could be better!

What is your favorite local place to eat? I just love the new restaurant Buku downtown Raleigh and I love going to Zest in North Raleigh for lunch with the girls.
Who is your favorite local attraction? I just love the year round Farmer’s Market in Raleigh. It is so fun to go with the kids and see what the local flare is for the season.
What is your favorite local shop or retailer? I have to say that Dress is one of my fave local retailers. I was introduced to this only a couple weeks ago, but they sell great vintage clothes and jewelry from local artists. Love it!
What is your favorite NC vacation spot? Topsail Island; the beach is so fun with the kids and the town is small enough that you don’t get the huge beach crowds.
What advice would you give someone visiting your town? Get out and check out some of the beautiful parks we have in our area. I love taking the kids out to the lake, the parks and surrounding cities, like Chapel Hill, to sight see and get some fresh air.
What else should readers know about you, your blog or NC? NC isn’t my home state, but I know it is for many of my fellow blogger friends. I am trying to find the balance living in the south from living in a super liberal community and big city. I love the small town feel of NC, but sometimes think the weather is going to kill me; can you say HUMID! Trying to learn how to be the best mother I can be while 3000 miles away from all I know.

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