The news is predicting snow for tonight and tomorrow. Typically they make a big fuss and then nothing exciting happens but everyone gets all crazy when in actuality nothing will probably happen.

However, I’m hoping that is DOES NOT snow. Yes, snow is pretty but other than that I would prefer for it to stay away. Here are my reasons in no particular order.

1. Joe has to work ALL DAY Saturday regardless of the weather. So he’ll be at work, I’ll be home stuck inside all day with a busy toddler.

2. We have no food. I know all the crazy people attacked the grocery stores to buy crap they don’t need but I was not one of them. Well that’s not true. I did attempt to go to the grocery store for our bi-weekly regularly schedule grocery trip but could not pay for our food. BECAUSE our bank decided to put a hold on our account without telling us because of suspicious activity. So after I did all of my shopping and checkout with a worn out toddler I left empty handed. That was fun!

3. Snow is Cold. I don’t like being cold. That’s all.

4. Because said snow is cold we can’t make our daily trip to the park. A much needed afternoon trip to the park for Jude to burn off some of his energy.  So now we’ll be stuck in our tiny townhouse going crazy.

5. It’s Saturday tomorrow. I had plans to party and go out with people and friends and family and do fun things that don’t usually happen during the week.

With all that said… I really, really, really hope it doesn’t snow.  I may even fast so that is doesn’t snow… not totally because I want to but because I’ll have to ration our food.


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