Santa Swap

The Mommy-Files hosted a Santa Swap this year and I was so excited to participate. 

My Santa Swap friend was Kalle from Growing C’s. Kalle lives in Canada so I was excited to share with her all of the great things of the south. In return she sent me some great treats from Saskatchewan. 

1. She sent me Saskatoon Jam from The Berry Barn. Apparently people drive for hours to have brunch at The Berry Barn. (My father-in-law has been to Saskatoon many times and eaten at the Berry Barn. Maybe one day we’ll head up north just for brunch! ha)

2. I received some Bath Salts from The Berry Barn, for when I have a little time to myself.

3. Chocolates from The Berry Barn. Yum!

4. A Snowflake candle

5. Saskatchewan Huskies Socks for my son, Jude.

6. A mixed CD of her favorite Christmas music.

I had so much fun receiving my Santa Swap gift from Kalle. I’m so glad we were Santa Swap partners and I’m really looking forward to reading her blog.

I’m also looking forward to more exciting swaps and events at The Mommy-Files.


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