SimpleHuman Review

I hate handling raw chicken. I want to wash my hands as quickly as possible after I handle chicken. I don’t want to touch anything else in fear I might spread a nasty disease around my house. So I was super excited to test the SimpleHuman Sensor Soap Pump. 

At first I had a hard time getting it to work but after Joe took a look he realized the batteries I put in weren’t yet charged. (Who knew rechargeable batteries don’t come charged?) So after a couple hours the batteries were charged and low and behold it worked like a charm. (User error as usual.) I really like that you can adjust the amount of soap it dispenses. Now it sits beside my sink ready and waiting for my chicken gut hands to be soaped. Now I just need to get one of those sensor faucets like they have at the airport.

About SimpleHuman
SimpleHuman brings you products designed for efficient living.  They design everyday tools to help you become more efficient at home—from a spoon rest on a utensil holder to a pedal that’s engineered to last over 150,000 steps. 

SimpleHuman Sensor Soap Pump
The sensor soap pump dispenses soap touch-free to help avoid the spread of germs. Simply place your hand under the sensor to dispense soap automatically. An intuitive LED display lights up when the sensor is activated. Four volume settings allow the pump to dispense preset amounts of soap or lotion. Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included).

Buy: You can buy SimpleHuman products online or at retailers across the US and Canada.

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