Conversations online during early labor

So I went back through Gmail today and found a few Gchat conversations I had during my early stages of labor… before I was convinced I was in actual labor.

Here’s my dialogue with Andrea

9:11 AM me: morny

7 minutes
9:18 AM Andrea: heeeey mama
9:20 AM me: how are you today?
9:21 AM how did the appt. go yesterday?
Andrea: good!
heartbeat was 182!
me: sweet
Andrea: and it was fun
9:22 AM so i am really relieved
me: yeah it’s nice to have a professional assess the situation
Andrea: yeah
and they were all really nice
me: that’s good
9:23 AM Andrea: my only concern is that they don’t want you to go past 1 week overdue…but like Jerry said, just because they say that doesn’t mean I have to get induced
i mean i don’t have to show up
me: yeah… I’ll be a week over tomorrow
it’s completely normal to go at least 2 weeks over
Andrea: right
me: there’s nothing wrong with it
Andrea: i thought she would say 2 weeks
she started talking about meconium
9:24 AM I’m gonna ask the other Doctors about it when I see them
there are 3 and I will see them all 2 times each and then I can pick my fave
for the rest
me: yeah there are alot of risks for alot of things but you have to trust that God knows what he’s doing… obviously the baby isn’t coming out because he/she isn’t ready
9:25 AM that’s what i keep telling myself
Andrea: exactyl
9:26 AM me: so when is your next appt? a month?
9:27 AM Andrea: yeah July 28th
I’ll be 13 weeks
me: cool
my midwife is coming today
Andrea: awesome – what time?
me: i was hoping it would be a postpartum visit but it doesn’t look like it
9:28 AM Andrea: maybe she’ll get there just in time for you to start pushing
how are you feeling?
me: haha
i’m ok… pretty much everyday I’ve been having contractions but they don’t last
9:29 AM Andrea: that sucks
me: yes
9:30 AM Andrea: so what is today’s reward?
me: dunno
i haven’t picked one yet
9:31 AM any ideas?
9:34 AM Andrea: hmm…well I’ll be eating out for lunch today..but probably close by
so you’re welcome to join me if you feel like driving
9:35 AM me: cool
where are you going?
Andrea: I don’t know…I have been really wanting chinese food
9:36 AM there’s also the easy stuff
chick-fil-a, wendy’s
9:37 AM me: cool
i’m not really thinking about lunch yet since I just ate breakfast
Andrea: oh i’m always thinking about lunch haha
more because of the break in my work day
than actual food
me: yeah

23 minutes
10:01 AM me: there’s a new movie, War, Inc that looks kind of funny
Andrea: cool – i haven’t heard of it
10:02 AM me: yeah i just saw a trailer and it’s a satire on war
with john cusack
10:03 AM and a bunch of other great actors
10:04 AM Andrea: nice
10:05 AM i like john cusak
10:06 AM me: me too
and indy films
10:10 AM Andrea: yes

5 minutes
10:16 AM Andrea: i am on a conference call
10:18 AM me: fun
10:21 AM Andrea: oh yes
10:22 AM me: btw the new coldplay album is great
additionally “get smart” is very funny
10:24 AM Andrea: ohh good to know

8 minutes
10:33 AM Andrea: i would like to take a nap

16 minutes
10:50 AM me: i just took a shower
Andrea: nice
10:51 AM me: i’ve been having quite a few contractions this morning but I’m not holding my breath
Andrea: oooh
you should
me: haha
10:52 AM just trying to get my regular stuff done
Andrea: have you been timing them?
me: i was for a bit but i lost track while i was in the shower and getting dressed
they weren’t that consistent before
10:53 AM Andrea: well let’s hope they get consistent!
today is my niece’s bday
10:54 AM me: cool
Andrea: so do it for her
me: i’ll see what i can do
Andrea: thanks
10:56 AM what should i have for lunch
i am leaning toward chickfila
10:58 AM me: dunno
11:01 AM Andrea: yeah
11:02 AM this is why i bring my lunch…so i don’t have to think
me: yes it is difficult
Andrea: yes

29 minutes
11:32 AM Andrea: ok I am off to forage
be back soon
feel free to go into labor whilst i’m away

6 minutes
11:38 AM me: k

21 minutes
11:59 AM Andrea: wendy’s it is
12:00 PM me: fun

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