Harris Teeter Triples Brag

So last week was triples at Harris Teeter and it took everything in me to make it to the store and actually have my stuff together. I’d gotten so far behind on clipping and organizing my coupons that it just didn’t seem worth it. However, we seriously needed groceries and as always the budget was tight. So I hunkered down and in got everything together. Granted I didn’t put as much planning effort into matching the sales with coupons. Just getting all of the coupons organized what a small victory and was good enough for me.

So here’s how I did:

Tic Tac Chill
Nature’s Valley Granola
Newman’s Own Vodka Sauce
2 DelMonte Diced Tomatoes
2 DelMonte Sweet Peas
1 DelMonte Peaches
Nestle Morsels
2 Mueller Thin Spaghetti
8pk Bounty Paper Towels
Ortega Taco Kit
Ortega Salsa
Twix Candy Bar
2 Carnation Evaporated Milk
3 Swanson Canned Broth
Polaner Jam
Starkist Tuna
Bumble Bee Tuna
Clearance bag of 4 mini pinapples $1
Red grapes
Green Bell Pepper
Green Beans
3 Sweet Potatoes
Bag of Yellow Onions
2 Nature’s Own Bread
Frozen Dole Strawberries
2 Simply Orange Juice
HT Organic Milk
Kraft Colby Jack Cheese
Tollhouse cookies

Total Before Coupons: $118.34
OOP: $55.50

Not bad if I do say so myself!


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