Mom vs America

Until I had a baby of my own I never realized how most of America is NOT child-friendly.
Of course, you get the crazy old ladies who swoon over your baby and TOUCH him in the store but ultimately I think most American’s view children just as another annoying person to deal with only smaller. No one wants to sit next to the family with small children on an airplane or in a restaurant. Why are we so anti-children?

Case-in-point, today I took Jude, by myself, to eat at a local restaurant. It’s the sort of place where you order at the counter and they call your number to come pick it at another counter. Well, as a mom there is alot of logistical planning involved with taking your small child out in public. Do I use a stroller? Can I balance a baby, diaper bag, drinks, and food in my two hands? Luckily, today I found a table near the pick-up window, drinks and trashcan. So I put Jude in the high chair, left him at the table and got my drink. I was literally only a few steps away but I got some odd looks from other adults. I didn’t abandon my child I just needed to get my drink and if you’re so concerned you could offer to help. I had to walk away from him two more times. Once to get our food and once to throw the trash away. The last time I overheard a group of diners discussing why there was this baby just sitting all by himself and what kind of parents would leave a child unattended. (I was only a few steps away disposing of my trash) Then they proceeded to give me dirty looks as I left the highchair at the table and the bits of food surrounding it on the ground. No thanks I don’t need an extra hand I’ve got it all under control.

Now, I do try to do my part. I try to clean up after Jude as best I can. I try to keep him from getting too loud and obnoxious. But he is a baby and I think it should be accepted that he will ACT like a baby wherever we go.


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