When Star Wars Invades

If you know my husband you know he is a bit of a Star Wars nerd. And I’m totally OK with that. In fact, I’m so OK with it I want to show you just how much Star Wars impacts our lives.

Our Wedding
No, we didn’t have a Star Wars themed wedding. In fact, my mother explicitly told me that I was not allowed to wear my hair like Princess Leia. But we did sneak a few Stars Wars themed things into the reception.

Our Cake Topper – Star Wars Legos Princess Leia and Han Solo (combining two of my husband’s favorite hobbies)
Picture for the Gift Table – This really served no purpose other than to display it’s pure ridiculousness. While at Disney’s Star Wars weekend we had a picture taken and turned into a puzzle which we framed. Dorks!
Video Montage – I made a video montage of  Joe and I from the time we were babies until we met and got engaged. Sounds pretty wedding typical except for the part where I used the music from star wars and re-wrote the flying title sequences. (I can’t figure out a website that will allow me to upload this video… it’s quite lengthy)
Honeymoon – Even while on our Honeymoon in London we discovered a special Star Wars exhibit that just happened to be in town.

Our Home
If it were up to my husband the walls would be covered with actions figures but alas that is where I draw the line. He has approximately 10-15 boxes filled with action figures, still in their package, that are neatly stored under the stairs. However, I have given him a little Star Wars space in every room except our bedroom. (I don’t want Darth Vader watching me sleep.)
Kitchen – Of course we have a large selection of kitchen accessories including cups, coffee mugs, light saber spoons, R2D2 serving bowls, C3PO cookie jar, magnets… but we also have a framed movie poster in our breakfast nook.
Living Room – Other than the obvious DVD, video game and book collection Star Wars has mildly impacted our living room. I can only find 2 Star Wars items in the room 1) the X-Wing Fighter Sticker on the record player and 2) the aforementioned Framed Star Wars Puzzle near the stairs.
Jude’s Room – I don’t think Jude will ever want for any Star Wars toy because either we already have it or his father will gladly indulge him. However, it’d be just our luck that he would hate Star Wars and be really into sports. But until then he will have Star Wars Lego posters hanging in his room

Our Clothes
Of course Joe has an assortment of Star Wars themed t-shirts but I will give him credit for not owning any costumes. Additionally we must keep Jude outfitted in some Star Wars apparel. I however, have avoided this trend but who knows how long this may last.

Entertainment, Friends and Other things.
I could go on and on how many things we have that are Star Wars themed. I’m sure we’ve paid for at least 1 room in George Lucas’ mansion. What with the air fresheners, stickers, pens, lunch boxes, notepads, pool floats, Darth Vader night light, key chains, pillowcases, Lego sets, etc…  The list just goes on and on. I’m sure there are things in boxes that I don’t even know we have. But alas, that is the life of the wife of a Star Wars fanatic.


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