Recipe Request

Spaghetti, Tacos, Chili, Baked Chicken, Pizza…. If you look my weekly meal plans you’ll see that we eat these meals alot. I’d really like to spice things up, literally!

We used to have cable and I loved watching The Food Network but alas the cable company wised up and stopped our free cable. I have a few cookbooks and there’s always the internet but I want to know for sure that it will be delicious and not a waste of my time and money.

I love my crock pot and try to use it at least once a week but that requires planning and remembering to thaw the meat which doesn’t always get done. We aren’t picky eaters. But we do have a few rules.
1. Eggs are for baking.
2. Mayo is a no no since it has raw eggs in it.
3. Baby Jude is allergic coconut… nothing else, just coconut.
4. We eat meat but we also like vegetarian meals.

So here is my request to all of you cooks and non-cooks alike. What is your favorite meal to cook? I need some inspiration, but inspiration that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


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