HT Triples – Trip 1

I had to put a few things back because I had more than 20 coupons. This is the first time that has ever happened. So maybe tomorrow we will make another trip.
In addition to my good deals I’m pretty sure the manager gave me money back for something I never paid for to begin with. It’s a long an complicated story and I didn’t actually figure out what happened until I got home.

Here’s what I got:

Corn Meal Mix
2 Muffin Mixes
Cookie Mix
Newmans Own Pasta Sauce
Huggies Natural Diapers
Wishbone Salad Dressing
Grande Tortilla Chips
Satin Care Shaving Gel
Gum Tooth Bruch
Earth Spinach
2 Avocados
Organic Bananas
Earth Grain Bread
2 Klondike Bars
B & J Ice Cream
2 Red Baron Pizzas
Florida OJ
Heluva Good Cheese
Curad My Little Pony Bandaids!
Dinner Rolls

OOP: $33.35
Saved: $46.19
Received: $5 back from crazy manager!

Let me explain… I had to IP coupons for the Kix and Dinner rolls that the cashier couldn’t get to scan. HT has a policy that if the IP won’t scan they won’t take it. So she removed them from my order. Then the manager had me come over to the Service Desk where she tried the coupons again and got them to work. So she gave me the difference of the coupons tripled. I didn’t really understand what happened since I had Jude with me and he was all over the place and the lady talking wasn’t making any sense. Oh Well.


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