Not the Hippopotamus

For some strange reason I started calling Jude, “Judeapotamus”. He has no hippo like qualities whatsoever. I guess it’s just one of those silly names that developed.  I should probably stop calling him a hippo so he doesn’t have any self esteem issues later in life but it’s so darn cute and catchy.
So catchy in fact that one night Joe tried giving me a similar nickname. Immediately, he knew it was no good but it was out there. No take backs. Granted, “Sexapotamus” is one of the better ways he could have gone but it’s still not great. Fortunate for him I have a good sense of humor and took no offense to my new nickname. In fact, we both thought it was pretty funny it’s become a bit of a joke.

So far I don’t think we’ve ever used it publicly else strangers might think we’re weird. Uh… hello strangers.

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