When your baby is a rock star.

Babies receive alot of attention. Rock Stars equally receive alot of attention. Imagine what happens when your baby is a rock star….

Wherever we go Jude draws a crowd. Joe and I are both laid back introverted people so it seems only appropriate that our babe is outgoing. (Fortunately he’s pretty laid back.) We go to a restaurant, store or just out and about and inevitably someone stops to talk to him. Yesterday while eating a MoJoes he spent most of the time laughing at the guys next to us, smiling at the older couple in the corner and flirting with the girls behind us. Saturday night while playing in the grassy area a North Hills he got kissed by a 3 year old girl. At church he’s gotten multiple phone numbers from cute college girls wanting to babysit him. A Busy Bee the whole resturant turn and pointed as we walked down the stairs. (I think I forgot to zip my fly or had a big booger) Maybe all babies receive this kind of attention but I’m not used to it. I like to fly under the radar most of the time… slip in an out of a store unnoticed. But when you have a cute baby that likes to sing while you’re shopping that’s pretty much impossible.

Jude isn’t exactly a rock star but he does have a rock star look-a-like dad… so maybe somehow that factors in to his celebrity.


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