A Little Glimpse Into Our Life.

I love reading home design blogs and magazines. Actually when I was growing up I want to be either an Architect or Interior Designer. I decided to pursue other avenues but still like to daydream.

We’ve been living in our townhome for over 2 years but just recently has it started to feel like a home. Getting married, combining our collection of junk and having a baby kind of puts a halt on decorating. So as things slowly start to come together I thought I’d show of my home which I’ve come to love. (though it is a little small)

Let’s start in the living room. This is where we spend most of our time as a family.


Now here is my self Interview Apartment Therapy Style


Favorite Element: I absolutely love the wooden birds that hang above the tv. They were handmade by my dear friend Sharon as a wedding present.

Biggest Challenge:We have alot of multimedia equipment and accessories. Trying to find storage solutions for all the components, DVDs, records and wires was challenging. Also trying to keep everything baby safe.

What Friends Say: Our friends think our house is cozy, which probably means little! haha

Proudest DIY: The Curtain Rods. After many failed attempts and several holes in the wall my husband finally showed that guy who’s boss.

Biggest Indulgence: Honestly, everything in the room was either free or a great deal. I guess our sofa and chair are the biggest ticket items in the room. But they were from IKEA so how indulgent can that be?

Best advice: Take it a little at a time and eventually you’ll have a room you love. Wait for items to go on sale… never buy anything full price.

The Kitchen/Dining Room


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