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My blog serves as a diary of sort that other are free to read. Mostly I try to post pictures and details of current events in my life, but occasionally I get on my soapbox. (I’m trying to not do that anymore because I don’t think anyone really cares… truth be told I don’t usually care about other people’s opinions so why would anyone care about mine. Plus I think my blog should be light, fun and entertaining.

So today as I was looking at the calendar I realize Joe and I are coming up on the anniversary of our engagement, April 6th 2007. I then realized I’ve never posted the details of our engagement. I went back through my email and found one that I sent to a friend and am now posting it here.


So it happened yesterday, Friday April 6th, Good Friday. Not only did Jesus die for my sins but I got engaged so I’d say it’s all around an excellent Friday!

The Long Story
I usually call Joe in the mornings on my way to work. So like any other day I called but this day he didn’t answer. So I went about my day. However this day was turning out to be a little stressful and I really wanted to talk to him. (Previously, in the week he’d been training on a new project so I figured he was in training. Later, I received an email from him saying he’d been running late and didn’t get to call me and was going to be in a “meeting” for most of the day. Finally, around 2pm he called. He said he was getting lunch and had been in a “meeting” all morning. I could tell he was in the car… I had my suspicions So I got off work early, went home and cleaned. Previously, we talked about going out and doing something fun but didn’t really have any plans. So around 6pm I gave him a call to find out when he would be getting off work. He said he was leaving soon and would be at my house in about 20min. So as I
waited I browsed the intern for hotels in London. (where we might go for our honeymoon) I saw him drive up and heard him walk in the door. Sharon was in the kitchen doing dishes. He walked back to the computer room where I was sitting at my desk. In his hand he was carrying a coffee mug with pink azaleas in them.

He said, “I got you flowers in a coffee mug!”
I smiled and said, “Thank You! Did you pick these out of some one’s yard?
Joe, “Yes.”
“Whose yard?” I asked
“Melissa’s” Joe replied.
I look back at him with confusion, “Melissa? Melissa who?”
“Melissa Tyson.” he said as he sat them on the desk and proceeded to get down on one knee and pull out the ring.
“Jessica, I love you and I want to spend
the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
I was completely overwhelmed, speechless, shocked and I started to cry. I thought I said yes but all he heard was a faint noise. I pulled him closer and kissed him. He then asked, “Did you say yes?” I smiled really big and said very clearly, “yes, of course!” *insert more kissing here*
He then placed the ring on my finger.

Afterward we walked into the kitchen to tell Sharon, who was washing dishes when we got engaged. She took a few picture for us. Then we went out to eat at Michael Deans for dinner. On the way we called our families and told them the news. After dinner we went back to Joe’s place so he could show me the other half of the ring and how it fit together. We spent the rest of the night calling friends and smiling alot!

About the Ring
The ring is a green sapphire, square cut in palladium. (It’s a rare white
transitional metal in the platinum group. It’s slightly whiter, much
lighter, about 12% harder, and currently much cheaper than platinum.)
The ring is two parts, the engagement ring and the wedding ring. The
Sapphire is off-set so when the wedding band is added it looks like 1 big
ring. Sharon designed the ring and Melissa and Joe designed the texture. The
shape is modeled after a Calla Lily, my favorite flower… The metal was
wrapped around “my finger” like the petal of a calla lily. The Wedding band
has a rough unfinished looking texture that fades into a smoothed finished
surface onto the engagement ring. This is to symbolize that we are still a
work in progress and that together thorough God we are becoming whole.

-Jessica (soon to be Lieb)


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