Saving Money at the Grocery Store – Part 3

Saving Money at the Grocery Store – Part 2

Step 2: Start a price book
Think about the top 10 or 20 items you purchase on a very regular basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to save money on them? You can!

  • In a small notebook, begin writing down what you pay for them at each store you shop.
  • Also not when the items go on sale and how much they cost. Write down the date, store and price.
  • To make sure you are getting a fair comparison, be sure to calculate the price per unit. That’s the price divided by the number of ounces or grams, etc.

EXAMPLE: An 8oz. tub of sour cream sells for $1.29. So $1.29 divided by 8 ounces = 16.13 cents/ounce.

  • Over time, you will begin to see what you actually pay for your staple items. You will also be able to tell when a sale price is really a good deal.
  • If you are diligent about recording the dates of sales, you will also get a good idea of how often that item goes on sale. It if’s nonperishable, then you can stock up when it’s cheap with enough to get you through the next sale.

A lady shared her price book where she listed the price of a product at each store she shopped. That way if one store had it on SALE she’d know if it was a better deal than the regular price at another store. Sometimes a SALE price at one store is equal to or more than the regular price at another store! Also, sometimes stores mark up base prices on sale items to make you think you’re getting a good deal. That is why a price book is so important.

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