These are the Cars of My Life.

On my way home today I was thinking about all the cars I’ve owned. I’ve owned quite a few and I think they were all pretty good cars. So here’s a review of the cars I’ve owned throughout my life.

Let’s start with turning 16! When I turned 16 I wanted a bicycle… but my parents thought a car would be better. I wasn’t too excited about driving so I didn’t even get my license until 3 months after my 16th birthday. My dad said I had to drive myself to school so the first day of school was my first day a licensed driver. (btw none of the cars pictured are my actual car)

This was my first car… 88 Nissan Maxima (Light Blue)

Except mine was blue and it had a sunroof! I shared this car with my sister-in-law for a few months. We would ride together to work at PetSmart or to the mall.
Quick story: One time we needed gas and only had like $4 in cash and we accidentally pulled up to the full-service pump the guy asked us how much and we sheepishly said $4… it was kind of embarrassing but fortunately back then $4 would actually help you out. I think we found a little change to tip the guy too.

Second Car – 93 Nissan Sentra (Navy)

This wasn’t actually my car. For a few months my brother and I traded cars. I’m not 100% sure why but I think it had something to do with him being in college and not wanting/needing to make a payment.


Third Car – 89 Honda Accord (White)

This was my college car. It made many trips to Florida. It was a great car. For some reason I had one of the coolest cars among my friends during my freshman year. Probably because I was one of the few that had a car and it was newer than most. (10 years old was new?)

Fourth Car – 94 Nissan Altima (Green)

This two was also my brother’s car. I bought it from him before he moved to California. I needed a better car to drive to Florida since my was getting up their in age. This car finished college with my and hung on until I was hit pulling out of Mellow Mushroom… it was sad.
Quick Story about the spider in my car: My car had a sunroof which was great for sunny Florida days and starry Florida nights. In college a group of us girls decided to go to Downtown Disney one night. My friend Vasti was driving my car and before we got on the Interstate the girl the back screamed. Low and behold there was a giant spider above her head. Apparently it was a Wolf Spider and it was freaking huge… probably the size of your whole hand. Any who it was very scary a lot of drama ensued but fortunately a nice man in the McDonalds parking lot lured it out of the car and stepped on it. Still gives me shivers… oh btw it fell on me…. ugggg.

Fifth Car – 95 Toyota Camry (Blue)

After my Altima was totaled outside of Mellow Mushroom I bought this car from my dad. It was a good car.

Sixth Car – 05 Honda Accord (Blue)

This is my current car. The first car I ever bought new. I love this car… and I love the deal I got on it. Buying a new car is like playing a game and fortunately my parents taught me well and we were able to get an amazing deal on this car.

So there you have it… all the cars I’ve owned. I have a feeling my next car will probably be a mini-van…. aahhh. But hey there are some really cool mini-vans out there so I can rock that ride.



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