The Blue Hat Goes to the Fair


I finally finished Jude’s Hat and my first knitting project. (Actually it was my second attempt at making a hat for him, we were off a little on our calculations for the first one. And I didn’t actually “finish” this one, Joe did the final touches.) But that’s beside the point, the point is that he has this super cute hat now to keep his little head warm.

Last night we tested the warmth of his new hat at the NC State Fair. Our friends, the Farmers, gave us 2 free admissions tickets. We ate lots of food and saw lots of exhibits. Jude enjoyed all the bright lights and people. I personally, didn’t eat too much only a NC State Ice Cream Cone (that was huge!) and a few bites of a funnel cake. (I did get a caramel apple to take home) Joe, however, ate alot! He had a chocolate covered frozen banana, huge NC State ice cream cone, french fries, and funnel cake. Jude only had some warm milk. One thing I did learn is that the fair provides several rooms for nursing mothers. It was nice to have a warm room with comfy chairs and no distractions to feed the babe. It was rather chilly but Jude stayed warm in his new hat and bundled up in the stroller with a blanket.

One of my must-sees of the fair is the bunny exhibit. I think Jude enjoyed it too!

It was a fun evening with the family and didn’t cost us too much!


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  1. Glad you got to eat some fair food!! I saw a bunch of people eating the NC State ice cream, and you're right, they were HUGE (not the people)…(well some were)….Anyway, Brad and I normally get it but the line was longer than ever. Love the hat!!

  2. so cute! great job! I never actually completed a knitting project b/c I get annoyed when I drop a stitch and don't notice till later… 🙂

  3. love the hat and the happy baby in it! you've inspired me to go looking for a pattern for a had for d.

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