Pros and Cons of Using a Travel Agent

Using a travel agent may seem unnecessary, especially with the availability of many online travel websites. It has become increasingly easier to book travel without a travel agent; however, a travel agent can assist you in various ways when planning your vacation.

Should you use a travel agent? The answer depends on what works best for you. There are many benefits to using a travel agent, but there are also reasons you may want to book your travel independently.

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The Pros of Using a Travel Agent

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A Travel Agent Can Save You Money

Sometimes, travel agents can access special rates or offer incentives through their agency. A good agent will also keep an eye on new discounts or offers that can be applied to your trip even after you’ve booked.

Even if you could book the trip for the same price, you will receive customized service through your agent. Because travel agents have relationships with their suppliers, you may also receive perks like room upgrades, fees waived, or credits to your room.

A Travel Agent Will Take Care of All The Details

Your travel agent will handle all of the details of your trip. They will help you find the best hotels, attractions, tours, rental cars, travel insurance, and other deals. They will also craft an itinerary that best suits your needs and wishes.

An agent can help alleviate the stress of planning a trip alone. Their knowledge and experience allow them to identify and fix potential problems before they arise.

A Travel Agent Is an Expert

Travel Agents are destination specialists who work to connect travelers with unique experiences they may not otherwise know about. They may even be able to book exclusive experiences for you. Their expertise will save you the valuable time you spend researching your destination.

Most travel agents love their jobs and are highly knowledgeable about their destinations. They often have first-hand experience and offer expert advice. They will gladly provide recommendations from their experience whenever you have questions or concerns.

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A Travel Agent Is Inexpensive, if Not Free

Working with a travel agent doesn’t always mean paying extra for their services. Many travel agents offer their services for free and make money via commissions from hotels or other suppliers.

Other travel agents may charge a fee for their services beyond bookings. Their prices may be flat or based on a percentage of the total cost of your trip. In some cases, agents may also request a refundable deposit.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if the agent charges a fee before you start the planning process. Remember, paying an agent’s services fee may save you money.

A Travel Agent Is Your Advocate

A good travel agent will provide you with concierge-level service. They will know about any cancellations, delays, or changes to your travel. They will also be able to help you rebook or adjust your itinerary right away.

If something goes wrong, you can call your travel agent, and they will help you find a solution.

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The Cons of Using a Travel Agent

A Travel Agent May Not Save You Money

If you plan a short trip to visit family or friends, there may be better options than a travel agent. You can often find great deals on hotels, airfare, and other travel options online just as quickly. Travel agents are usually best used to help you book more extensive, extended trips.

Even though many travel agents don’t charge for their services, it may not be in the best interest of either party if the trip is short.

A Travel Agent May Not Give You Enough Control

You may have a less flexible itinerary when you book through a travel agent, making it challenging to make last-minute changes without losing money. To make changes, you may need to communicate with your agent; if they are unavailable, you may experience problems.

If you enjoy having the freedom to adjust your schedule as you go, booking with a travel agent may not be the best option. Travel agents often book package deals that include a pre-planned itinerary. A vacation package may not be best if you prefer a flexible schedule. However, it can save you money on a more extensive trip to book everything at once.

A Travel Agent May Limit Your Options

A travel agent might not be your best option if you prefer to travel to more unique destinations. Most travel agents book package deals with large resorts or travel groups.

Adventurous travelers who prefer to venture off the beaten path to find authentic, local experiences may find that package deals do not meet their needs.

Should You Use a Travel Agent? Here’s When We Recommend It.

You Don’t Have Time To Plan

You may not have the time to research special offers and craft the perfect itinerary. A good travel agent will personalize your vacation to best suit your needs. You can spend less time comparing options and more time enjoying your vacation.

Your travel agent will handle all the details, including any changes or unexpected complications.

You Have a Complex Travel Schedule

A savvy travel agent specializing in specific destinations will have expert insight and knowledge to create an unforgettable trip with extraordinary experiences. They can book your hotels, transfers, activities, and more to perfectly align with your schedule.

You Want Personalized Service

A travel agent will take the time to learn about your likes and dislikes. They will craft an itinerary that helps you accomplish your travel goals. An expert travel agent will prepare a perfectly tailored trip for you. Your agent will also update you on the latest events and offers that may fit into your trip.

You will receive one-on-one communication throughout the planning process, ensuring everything goes as planned. Your travel agent is your point of contact to help answer any questions.

How To Find a Travel Agent

A referral from friends or family is the best way to find a reputable travel agent. They have worked with the travel agent on a previous trip and will know from experience if they’re worth working with. You may prefer to work with a local travel agent from your community.

You will also want to look for a travel agent specializing in your destination. Social media may be an excellent place to look for destination agents. Look for people who provide helpful tips or information about special offers.


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