Why Disney in the Summer is a Great Time to Visit


You may think visiting Disney in the summer will be miserable with huge crowds, long lines, and unbearable heat. Yet, the summer can be an excellent time to visit Disney. Because many people think the summer will be hot and crowded, Disney releases fantastic summer deals to entice guests to visit during the summer months. You can find some of the best deals if you travel during the summer.

Many schools start back closer near the end of July, making August an ideal time to visit Disney. Especially during the end of August, you can find lower crowds and minimal wait times. There’s no need to wait until summer deals are released to take advantage of these discounts. Book now to secure your trip and your travel agent can apply applicable discounts as they become available.

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Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney

  • Find the AC – Plan your day to include indoor rides and shows during the middle of the day. Avoid the hottest part of the day and potential thunderstorms by heading inside.
  • Visit Your Resort Pool – Staying at a Disney World resort makes it easy to take a mid-day break to hop in the resort pool. All Disney resorts have themed pools, and many have splash pads or slides.
  • Mid-day Breaks – Escape the heat and return to your hotel room for a nap during the hottest day. Return to the parks in the evening when it’s cooler and you’re well-rested.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes – Don’t wear jeans to the parks during the summer. Wear lightweight clothing is like moisture-wicking workout clothes.
  • Bring a Fan or Cooling Towel – Packing a portable fan, cooling towel, or umbrella to keep you cool. Purchase these items ahead of time as they are very costly in the parks.
  • Eat Summer Treats – Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Disney offers free cups of water at most dining locations and snack carts. Indulge in cool treats like ice cream, Dole Whips and Mickey Premium Bars.

Pros of Visiting Disney in the Summer

  • Convenience – most families have more time to travel during the summer months. Your kids won’t miss school if you can travel during the summer.
  • Summer Discounts – Disney offers many of its best deals during the summer.
  • Everything is Open – Most attractions will be open during the summer months. Often, rides will be closed for refurbishment during the winter months, but you can expect most things to be open during the summer.
  • New Attractions – Disney often plans for new rides and attractions to open during the summer months.

Cons of Visiting Disney in the Summer

  • Heat – It’s hot and humid during the summer in Florida. There’s no getting around it; the weather is hot and often unpredictable. This is the reason many people avoid going to Disney during the summer.
  • Rain – It is highly likely to rain every day of your trip. Afternoon thunderstorms are expected during the summer months in Florida. However, the storms pass through quickly; if you are prepared, you will hardly notice the quick afternoon showers.
  • Groups – larger groups like sports teams and family reunions tend to visit Disney during the summer. They are usually easily recognizable with their matching t-shirts. It is a little overwhelming to navigate around a large group.

Plan Your Disney Trip

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