How to Get to Disney World from the Orlando Airport

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When Disney World ended the Magical Express service in 2022, many people wondered. “What is the best way to get from the airport to my Disney resort?”

The Magical Express service allowed guests at Disney World Resorts to reserve free transportation from the Orlando International Airport to their Disney World Resort. Mears Transportation operated the Disney Magical Express shuttle service since 2005. For several reasons, Disney ended its partnership with Mears beginning in 2022.

So, where does this leave Disney Resort guests?

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Ways to Get from the Airport to Your Resort

Several options get you from the Orlando Airport to your Disney Resort.

Rent a Car

You might consider renting a car if your trip includes other Orlando tourist destinations. Remember that car renting comes with additional expenses like gas and insurance.

Once you arrive at Disney World, you can quickly get around without a car using their on-site transportation.

Shuttle Bus

Mears Connect has merged with Sunshine Flyer to offer Mears Connect Driven by Sunshine a paid shuttle service to Disney Resorts.

Currently, Mears Connect provides two levels of service:

Standard is a shared service that makes multiple stops and may have a moderate wait. Pricing is around $20 per adult and approximately $14 per child per way.

Express is a shared service that makes one stop (your hotel) and shouldn’t be delayed. Pricing is around $250 for a round trip for up to four passengers and $55 per additional passenger.

Uber or Lyft

Uber and Lyft are reasonably priced ride-share services that transport you directly from the airport to your destination.

The wait time for an Uber or Lyft to pick you up at the airport is 5 and 10 minutes. The average price for a one-way trip from the Orlando Airport to Disney World is around $40 (not including tip). During peak seasons/times, prices may surge upwards of $100.

*If you have a child under, too, I’d suggest bringing your car seat as Ubers available with car seats are very limited and often only provide booster seats.

Private Car Service

If you aren’t comfortable with a ride-share service and don’t want to wait for the shuttle, consider booking a private car service. A private car service will meet you at a predetermined airport and take you to your resort. They can often add multiple car seats or boosters if needed.

The average cost of a private car service is between $75-250, depending on the size of your party.


Taking a traditional taxi is also an option. Taxicabs picking up from the Orlando airport are regulated by the City of Orlando’s Vehicle-for-Hire ordinance. Fares are determined by taximeter; therefore, you don’t have to worry about surge pricing.

Prices for a Taxi from the Orlando Airport to your Disney Resort will range from $60-80 (not including tip).

Things to Consider Before Booking Transportation


Determine how long you are willing to wait for your transportation. If your flight arrives during busy times or late at night, you may have to wait longer.


How much are you willing to spend on transportation? The overall price can increase quickly if you need to pay per person each way. If you choose to rent a car, consider the additional gas and parking costs at your resort.

Size of Your Party

If you have a larger party, the price of transportation can increase drastically. If you have a large group, hiring a larger private car service may be a better option than booking a shuttle or a ride-share.

Do You Need Car Seats?

If you are traveling with small children who need car seats, consider bringing your own from home or book a private car service that includes car seats. Car seats are not required on Disney World’s provided transportation like buses, monorails, boats, and the Skyliner.


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