How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss


Students love summer because it offers a break from school. However, many students experience significant learning loss over the summer. Summer learning loss occurs when students forget what they learned during the school year.

Learning loss can be avoided by incorporating learning into your daily routine. Students can strengthen their academic skills by adding educational activities throughout the summer.

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Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Create A Reading Challenge

Create a reading challenge for your kids. Grab our free summer reading log and encourage your child to read every day for 10-20 minutes per day. May you will want to have a prize or celebration when they finish their reading log or a set number of books.

Add Educational Activities

Provide your children with learning activities that are so entertaining they may not even realize they are learning. Focus on your child’s particular area of interest or a subject where they need more practice. You can create simple sight word games or do science experiments. Snap Circuits is a great hands-on way to excite kids about science, engineering, and electronics.

Embrace Technology

Use your child’s love of technology to your advantage. Download a new educational app onto their device to encourage continued learning throughout the summer.

Limiting screen time is essential, so create guidelines for your family. While there are many benefits for children using technology, too much screen time can harm their physical and mental health.

Take a “Field Trip”

While the kids are home for summer break, take advantage of the extra free time and take a “field trip.” You don’t have to travel far to enhance your child’s education. Visit a local museum, historical site, or business to learn more about your hometown.

Also, check out your local library for a list of activities available to your community.

Encourage Creativity

Being creative allows kids to become better problem solvers. When kids are creative, they adapt to new situations and learn to express themselves more clearly.

Encourage your child to create artistically and musically. Give them the necessary supplies, free space, and ample time to explore their creativity.


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