Calming Shows for Toddlers and Preschoolers

While too much screen time can adversely affect children, it’s OK to allow your child screen time throughout the day. Sometimes you need to cook dinner, make a phone call, or simply take a break from parenting. Letting your kids watch a show is a great way to entertain them while you get stuff done. However, not all shows are created equally. Ideally, you want the show your child watches to be calming, educational, and model good behavior. Many shows that are created for kids are filled with loud sounds and explosive action and are all-around overstimulating to young children.

Screen time may be an excellent way to help your child calm their brain and body when feeling overly excited. A calming show can help your child decompress and reset. However, it isn’t recommended to use a screen before bedtime as it can affect the quality of your child’s sleep.

How to Choose a Calming Show

When choosing a show for your young child, look for shows designed for their age. Show that have flashing lights, loud sounds, screaming characters, and fast-paced actions aren’t going to have a calming effect. Look for slower-paced shows with educational elements and pauses for kids to reflect or answer. Each child is different, so a show that seems calming to you may be too stimulating for them.

Calming Shows for Young Kids

Little Bear

Where to Watch: Amazon or ParamountPlus

Tumble Leaf

Where to Watch: Amazon

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Where to Watch: Amazon or

Puffin Rock

Where to Watch: Netflix

Peter Rabbit

Where to Watch: Amazon or Paramount Plus

Dinosaur Train

Where to Watch: Amazon or PBS Kids

Lily’s Driftwood Bay

Where to Watch: Nick Jr. or Amazon KidStream

Guess How Much I Love You

Where to Watch: Amazon

Sarah and Duck

Where to Watch: Amazon or Tubi


Where to Watch: Amazon

Stella and Sam

Where to Watch: Amazon

Charlie and Lola

Where to Watch: Pluto TV

Daniel Tiger

Where to Watch: Amazon

Magic School Bus Rides Again

Where to Watch: Netflix or Amazon

Wild Kratts

Where to Watch: PBS Kids or Amazon

Nature Cat

Where to Watch: PBS Kids and Amazon

Curious George

Where to Watch: PBS Kids, Amazon, or Hulu

Classical Baby

Where to Watch: HBO

Reading Rainbow

Where to Watch: Reading or Amazon

Dragon Tales

Where to Watch: Amazon

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

Where to Watch: Amazon

Ask the StoryBots

Where to Watch: Netflix

Little Einsteins

Where to Watch: Disney+


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