How to Set Up A Family Movie Night


Movie night is an inexpensive and easy way to spend time with your family. Anyone can turn on a movie but creating a memorable movie night experience takes a little bit of preparation. Take movie night up a notch with these simple steps.

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Choose the Movie

Obviously, you need a movie to watch for family movie night but take these considerations when choosing your next film:

  • Pick family-friendly movies that everyone will enjoy.
  • Look at the ratings and length of the film. Young kids may not be able to sit through a longer movie.
  • If Movie Night is a regular event, let each person take turns picking the film.

Set the Atmosphere

  • Create a cozy setting to watch your movie. Kids may prefer to sit on the floor so grab some cozy pillows and blankets.
  • Invest in a projector to recreate the movie experience, you can even take the viewing outside.
  • Turn up the volume with surround sound. Get the full theater sound with more speakers.
  • Plan ahead and invite everyone. Add movie night to your family’s busy schedule so everyone will look forward to the event.
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Lots and Lots Snacks

  • Ask everyone what their favorite movie candy or treat is, and pass them out before the movie.
  • Order pizzas and grab some drinks for pizza and a movie night
  • Pre-pop the popcorn, lots of popcorn
  • Get everyone their own cup, especially for movie night

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