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We’ve been spending more time on our YouTube channel, Lieb Family Adventures, lately. I want to share some of our favorite and most used products that we use to make our videos. Having nice gear is only part of what you need to create good videos, you also need to practice your skill, produce quality content and find your style. I still feel like I’m trying to find my style and I’m always working to better my skills, these are things that just take time. If you are looking to get started with vlogging I suggest these great products…

My Main Camera

I primarily use the Canon G7x Mark ii. I know there are better and more expensive cameras available but for starting out I want something small, compact and reasonably priced. I do also occasionally shoot on my iPhone. (An iPhone is a great camera to start with, my only limitations are storage space. If you’re just starting out with vlogging I suggest using your phone until you know if it’s something you want to stick with.)

Extra Batteries + SD Cards

I have 4 extra batteries for my Canon G7x , extra charger and 3 SD Cards (2- 128GB and 1- 64GB). I label my batteries and SD Cards so I can easily keep track of which ones I’ve used. I also have 3 GoPro Batteries and a multi-battery charger.

SD Card Storage

Because I have several SD Cards I used a small SD Card storage case to keep them organized. This helps me find them easily when we are out on our adventures.


I just recently upgraded to the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod. I was using the Joby GorrillaPod, which I liked but sometimes felt a little awkward in my hand, this is purely a personal preference. They are both great tripods and I recommend getting either… or both.

Go Pro

We use the GoPro Hero Black 7 and it’s great for the kids to use, action shots and use in water. The one we bought came with the Super Suit which is great since our kids love using it in the water.

Go Pro Handle

We bought the GoPro Handler Floating Hand Grip and I love this grip. It’s easy to use in and out of the water. It floats so you don’t have to worry about your GoPro sinking.

GoPro Accessories

This is a great GoPro accessories kit, it has so many components. There are only a handful of items that we regularly use but it’s nice to have so many options readily available.

Storage Bags

I got this large and small storage bag set. It’s perfect for storing our on-the-go gear. I use the larger one to store some of our more regularly used GoPro items and the smaller bag is perfect for storing extra Canon batteries and SD Cards. I love that I can just throw this small bags into my purse or backpack to head out on our adventures.

Editing Software

I’ve used several different types of video editing software over the years but I’m currently using Abobe Premier Pro and love it. I still have a lot to learn but it’s fairly simple to use and easily integrates with the other Adobe applications that I already use. I pay a monthly subscription fee, which makes this very affordable.


When I edit I prefer to use headphones, this allows me to listen more closely to the audio in my videos. I use these Audio Technica Studio Headphones.

These are the main items we use. We don’t use all of these on a daily basis but I do use most of these products fairly regularly. You can certainly create great videos without all of these items but sometimes it’s easier to buy quality products so you can easily produce quality content.





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