Must Haves for Online School


Online School is challenging. The other day I shared 5 things that have helped make online school easier for us. I mentioned investing in tools that will make life easier so I thought I would share some the items we’ve bought that have helped us do online school.

Organization Cart – We have this cart set up in our home office. Each of the elementary age kids get a bin. In the bin they store their books and supplies for school This helps to keep everything in one easy to find place and makes it easy for them to clean up at the end of the day.

Stylus Pens – Our school provided the kids with touch screen laptops which have been wonderful but we’ve found that sometimes using your finger on the touch screen isn’t ideal. We bought this pace of Stylus pen and they have made touch screen use so much easier and more like real writing.

Headphones – We have 4 kids and it can get very loud when all of the kids are in online classes at the same time. And because all of our kids are fairly young we all work in the same room so headphones were a must. We love these child sized headphones.

DIY Charging Station – Previously we made this charging station for our iPad but it could also be used for laptops. We also have a smaller desktop file sorter we use as a laptop charging station.

Snack Bin – The kids are always hungry throughout the day. They often get breaks from their classes so to make snack time easier we have these snack bins in our pantry with kid and mom approved snacks. Kids don’t need to ask they can just help themselves.

Amazon Echo – We bought an Amazon Echo so kids could easily set timers for their breaks and we could get Alexa to remind the kids of their class login times.

We use these items, in addition to the school provided resources and our basic school supplies everyday. Obviously you don’t have to have all of these items but they truly make our day to day at home school life so much easier.

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