Things I’m Loving This Week


I’ve been offline a bit more these past few weeks. I find that it’s important to disconnect from social media and the online world and ground yourself it what is tangible. It helps me clear my head and heart.

But I haven’t been totally absent from the entire internet. I’ve discovered a few things that I’m really loving and I wanted to share them with anyone that might care… maybe that’s you since you’re reading this post.

Burn Boot Camp

I hate working out. Every day I have to drag myself to go but once I get there are start moving my body I feel so much better. It’s such a great way to relieve stress. I always feel better after I work out.

Disney Youtubers

I know it’s weird but we’re planning a trip to Disney later this year and I’m a planner. Watching other people go to Disney World or share tips helps me feel less worried and stressed. Some of my favorite Disney YouTube folks are: TheTimTracker, Disney Food Blog,, The WDW Couple, Yaz and Ash, Jade Billington, and Disney in Detail. (I particularly love watching British families go to Disney, IDK!)

Tarte In Bloom Clay Palate

I’m not a make-up expert but I just bought this Tarte eye shadow palette and I love it. The colors are just beautiful and it even smells lovely.

Chenille Soft Hanging Hand Towels

We just have a hook for hanging the hand towel in our half bath. Everyday I would find the towel on the floor and it would drive me nuts.  Then I found these adorable and soft hand towels that have a loop perfect for hanging on the hook. I don’t find the towel on the floor anymore and the kids are more likely to wash their hands. Win. Win.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

These sheets are super comfy and only cost $25 (queen set). Somehow Joe and I only have one set of sheets for our bed and it was time to get some new ones. These are great and a great price too.

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