Historic Oak View – Raleigh, NC


Wake County has great parks and we’ve visited many of them over the past several years but one of our favorites (because it’s so close to our house) is Historic Oak View.  Historic Oak View County Park is a 19th-century historic farmstead with a mission to interpret North Carolina’s agricultural heritage and rural history via educational programs, special events and exhibits.

We love visiting Historic Oak View because they have wonderful outdoor and indoor places to explore. Outside you will find walking trails, pond, cemetery, cotton fields, a small garden, an herb garden, fruit orchard, pecan grove, goats, chickens and wonderful open spaces. There are several historic building on the Oak View property including the farm house, tenant house, plank kitchen, carriage house, cotton gin house, live stock barn and farm history center.

In the farm history center you can learn about life on the farm during the 19th century and the progression of farming in North Carolina. There is a wonderful hands on children’s play area for children and exploration backpacks designed for children of varying ages to help learn more about the farm.

Historic Oak View is a great place for the whole family as it offers rich history and loads of hands on fun. Plus, all of this is free.

Update: December 2020 Oak View Visit


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