Learning with Lego Robotics

Did you know that there are robotics groups your kid can join? Snapology offers robotics for all ages, from 3 years old up into the teen years. Students learn pseudo-coding, coding, robotics and engineering principles. In addition to the robotics classes there is competition robotics, which allows teams to work together to problem solve real-world problems. The teams compete against other teams and have opportunities to advance to national levels. The Snapology competition robotics program is educational and loads of fun.

My boys love all things Lego. You may remember my post from a few days ago when Simon had a Lego Ninjago themed birthday party? Or remember that time we went to see the Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya. Of maybe you’ve noticed the thousands of Instagram and Facebook pictures I post there my kids are playing with Legos? I sure notice how much they love Lego every single days when I step on one! But really, we do love Lego, it’s one of the few toys that all 4 of my boys love and will always play with.

I mean just look at tonight’s Lego creations: An elevator by Jude (9), A helicopter by Noah (6) and a castle battle by Simon (5).

A few years ago Jude got to experience Lego Robotics and ever since he’s been hooked on making sets with moving parts. We have a few electronic Lego pieces which the boys are always fashioning into some new robot. They don’t really understand how all of the parts work together, they are just tinkering. But image the amazing things they could create if they had more tools and information?

There are Snapology centers all around the U.S. and franchise opportunities if you’d like to see one in your city. They also offer birthday parties, STEM classes, camps and more.

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