A Week in Charleston, SC to see the Tall Ships, Visit Fort Moultrie and Sullivan’s Island


I knew going into this month would be busy but I didn’t realize I would blink and it would be over. We celebrated 2 birthdays, went on vacation, and wrapped up our final days of school, and poof, here comes June.

It was a fun-filled month and I tried very hard to live in the moment and savor each special event.

I’m a planner and I like to think a few steps ahead while I’m working which is great for my productivity but not great for every day. As a stay-at-home mom who also homeschools every day can seem sort of mundane as we work throughout our daily duties but over the past few years I’ve been working on being intentional with things during each day. I’m trying to remember to put down my phone and to-do list and take a mental snapshot of my family as life is happening. I’m not great at it yet but I think my intent of being intentional will eventually work its way into a routine of being intentional. *fingers crossed.

Weekend in Charleston

Tall Ships Charleston

When we visit Charleston we rent an Airbnb because it’s usually the best option for our large family. We typically visit Charleston to see family but we always make an effort to do some touristy things, especially kid-friendly activities.

On this particular weekend, we got to attend the Tall Ships of Charleston. The kids loved to see the “pirate ships” and their PopPop loved telling them all about the ships.

Photo May 21, 4 00 57 PM
Photo May 21, 3 19 16 PM
Photo May 21, 3 54 22 PM

Visiting Fort Moultrie

We took the kids to Fort Moultrie. Charleston is home to 2 historic forts, Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter. Fort Moultrie is located on Sullivan’s Island. The kids thought the fort was fascinating and enjoyed learning about its use in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and both World Wars.

Photo May 24, 10 59 12 AM
Photo May 24, 10 56 50 AM
Photo May 24, 10 53 15 AM
Photo May 24, 10 51 21 AM
Photo May 24, 10 42 17 AM
Photo May 24, 10 32 43 AM

Sullivans Island Beach

The kids love the beach so we always make a point to spend at least a few hours on either Sullivan’s Island or Isle of Palms. They are both great beaches for families that are close to Charleston.

The day we visited the beach it was a little overcast and rainy but the kids didn’t care. They had a great time running from the waves and playing in the sand.

Photo May 23, 9 21 57 AM
Photo May 23, 9 14 19 AM
Photo May 23, 9 04 55 AM
Photo May 23, 8 55 34 AM
Photo May 23, 8 51 32 AM
Photo May 23, 8 51 09 AM
Photo May 23, 8 50 13 AM
Photo May 23, 8 48 32 AM

Dining and Play

When we visit Charleston we make a point to eat at some of our favorite dining locations and sometimes even try some new spots. We tried Taco Boy for the first time and it was delicious. We also love getting breakfast at Vintage Coffee in Mt. Pleasant. They have great outdoor seating and space for kids. One day we ate lunch at Home Team BBQ on Sullivan’s Island and then let the kids play at J. Marshall Stith Park. Sometimes we get ice cream from Beardcat’s Sweet Shop.

Finally, the older boys always love going fishing on PopPop’s boat. While they were fishing I took Abel to play on the beach.

Photo May 25, 12 31 17 PM
Photo May 25, 10 36 15 AM
Photo May 25, 10 33 52 AM
Photo May 25, 10 33 24 AM
Photo May 24, 1 08 25 PM
Photo May 24, 1 04 30 PM
Photo May 24, 12 53 17 PM
Photo May 22, 1 05 37 PM
Photo May 22, 11 07 20 AM
Photo May 22, 10 45 50 AM

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